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Pedal Mafia Tests The First Lamborghini Huracan in Western Australia

After months of hard work, working on the Pedal Mafia brand, I thought It was time to blow off some steam! What better way to do it than in new Lamborghini Huracan!


Wow.. is what first came to mind when I saw the vehicle pull into my driveway, it was driven by a good friend of mine legendary race car driver and respected motoring journalist Neil Dowling...this next few hours was going be a hell of a show!.

I wish I had my Garmin heart rate monitor on as my heart rate was peaking harder than the mornings 70kph descend on the bike and every part of my brain was in overdrive as this baby had a cockpit of a 747 and the looks of a BMC Timemachine.

Powered by an evolution of the Gallardo’s 5.2-litre V10 with 602bhp and 560Nm of torque, it delivers ballistic acceleration, sublime styling and predictable handling thanks to a new rear-biased four-wheel-drive system. As with every Lamborghini before it, the Huracan is named after a famous Spanish fighting bull.

As cyclists its all about weight yeh? The driveable weight -- with oils, water and a tank of fuel -- is 1532kg. One of the weight savings was the removal of the indicator stalks, the steering wheel had motorcycle style controls on the wheel...amazing!

A button on the steering wheel, with settings for “strada”, “sport” and “corsa” adjusts the responses of the steering, throttle, gearbox, suspension and stability control, I played with these like a kid and was shocked at how you could by a flick of a button turn this car from a blouse wearing ballerina into a raging bull.

Even in the computer age, most cars are made as a full-size clay model for one final validation before the company takes a deep breath and commits to spending hundreds of millions on a new model.

Which is why it is significant that Lamborghini designed the Huracan 100 per cent on a computer. The only physical models it made were just that: scaled-down models small enough to fit on a desk.

This car drives exactly how it looks.. mean, tight, angry, loud and super fast!!

Kudos to Lamborghini!! you have pulled of a very cool car! 



Many Thanks to Neil Dowling and Barbagallo Perth for the experience!







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