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Giant Delivers With New 2015 Propel


Bikes are a form of self expression, when we shop for them certain aspects come into play and a whole bunch of hidden emotions come out.

We have the loud and proud- Its all about the look (guilty)

The bean counter - Its all about the weight - bees wax weighs less than lube apparently ?

The weekend warrior - Limited on time, usually due to kids, needs a bike to be reliable and versatile

The content climber- Its all about longevity, comfort and those scenic routes

The moneybags- Somewhat tech nerdish, these guys usually go for the Italian, European bikes, but 9 out of 10 drive Toyota corollas. All for that moment of glory at the coffee shop.

The urban commuter- A kind of person that enjoys the ride but it also serves a purpose. Bet you $5 they don't usually believe in Gym memberships. 


Ask yourself what do you look for when judging a bike? You'll be surprised


Now, onto the propel

"She's got the look"  -  You know the song!!!  the moment I set eyes on the blue and orange 2015 GIANT Propel's, I felt like I was on a TV commercial in slow mow as I walked towards them.. anxious to say the least! I was super impressed from the moment I lifted the Ultegra mechanical version which retails from $4,499 and then even more impressed when I lifted the orange one with di2 and Wayne Van Moorsel The Manager at TBE Osborne park told me it retailed for $5,499.

Aero road bikes have to make some compromises. Aerodynamic shapes are inherently flexy tortionally and stiff vertically, pretty much the worst combination for making a good race bike. As such bike companies have to optimize tube shapes and carbon layups to try and mitigate some of these issues. Giant's take on it is to have a massive 1"1/4 steerer tube for front end stiffness and to make a downtube that goes from a true aero profile at e headtube to a truncated one where the bottle cage mounts. Coupled with some midsized chain stays, it makes for one of the snappiest and stiffest bikes that I've ridden.


Giant on their website quote - "Built Specifically for moments when speed matters most"... I could not agree more this bike is fast... however I do believe they should have emphasised the comfort and climb ability of this bike too? as It really climbs well up the hills. mine with Di2 weighs in at 7.5kgs, now by no means is this a super light bike, but the way in which I can transfer my weight on this bike allows me to find the right gear and push the legs to get me through the hills. By this stage I already have the bike lengths on my friends as I was able to hit the flats much faster.



Rims Giant P-SLR0 Aero WheelSystem; 55mm deep, 23mm wide, Full composite
Hubs Giant P-SLR0 Aero WheelSystem; Precision-sealed cartridge bearing, [F] 16h, [R] 20h
Spokes Giant P-SLR0 Aero WheelSystem; Aerolite bladed stainless
Tires Giant P-SL1, Front and rear specific, 700x23, Folding


I was so shocked at how well these roll that I had to take off my reynolds strikes (great wheel) from my BMC Timemachine TMR01 and compare whilst changing the tires to gumwalls, again dumbfounded as I compared weight and flex. The spokes also seemed very similar??  I changed my Giant semi slicks to gummies purely for aesthetics (Loud and Proud).



Rumours regarding giants brakes are known in the industry, however I found this bike to brake extremely well, it did not cause me any hairy moments whilst descending into fast paced roundabouts..



I only have one and that the top steerer tube doesn't allow you much choice when picking stem options. 


To round off, well done Giant, you have a very cool 2015 paint scheme, your bike is fast and handles like a go kart... you have impressed myself and allot of harsh critics!!



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