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The Return Of The Eyeshade

Same same different ? Oakley has resurrected the moulds for the classic Eyeshade model that put the company on the map three decades ago. At Pedal Mafia we love these outrageous statement making glasses because they represent everything we are as a brand... "different". They come in some super funky colours, and match really well with our kits. I really like the fact that behind the lens you get picture perfect viewing and your eyes don't dry up as they literally block all wind to the cornea. 


They feel quite light to wear  the weight is evenly spread across the nose and they don't fog. I get a stack of comments from the older guys on the group ride, many of which say.."Hey Pedal Mafia  I use to run those back in the 80's man", now I was born in the 80's so if 80's consisted of Eyeshades, steel bikes and mullets... I need to get back there!!!





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