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The One Stop Barber Shop!

Recently a famous Perth eatery along a busy cycle path banned lycra- apparently its unhygienic...can someone please explain to me how it is any different from a girl who has been to a pump class in leggings? Clearly the owner has never experienced the rush of riding in the slip stream of his best mates wheel, because if he had... he would most likely sing the praises of cyclists entering his cafe just like they do in Italy, Spain and at Uncle Joes! Moving on!!

Now whether you have just had a big long ride and your hungry, your mum says you need a haircut or you just feel like a little bit self indulgence... I have just the place for you!


They sell limited edition sneakers... pump out the best fades in Perth and make a cheesecake that will rock your world!. Its called Uncle Joes and is located at 74-76 king street Perth. After speaking with the owner recently whilst I was in having an Acai bowl (twice in a week) he mentioned that he has a love for cycling and regularly rides.. he is about to install 6-8 bike racks so that anyone out for a trundle can roll in have a coffee a laugh and not be worried that their bike will go on a ride without them


 The coffee is unreal, they use Micrology a local Perth company (checkout their website), they have their very own cold brew and each day do a wicked lunch special...creativity is all time at this place, the staff are friendly the fit out has a story to it and the food speaks for itself. It reminded me of a place I visited in Silver Lake LA this year call intelligentsia...Joe's is a little taste of Cali.. on our own back door.

Hot cuppa Joes... yes please!! 



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