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Giant Rivet Helmet

Below paragraph is quoted on the Giant website-

"Engineered using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics and developed with aerodynamics experts at the Aero Concept Engineering facility in France, Rivet slices through the wind while also providing optimal ventilation. Instead of a closed front section used in some aero road helmets—a design that forces air around the helmet and cuts off ventilation—Rivet’s AeroVent system channels air through the helmet. The drag-neutral shape of the front ports minimizes drag and offers cool ventilation at the same time". 

Recently at pedal mafia HQ we tested the new rivot helmet and it ticked almost every box. It is extremely aero, fits really well and has a RRP that wont send you broke. It comes in 3 colours black, pearl white and cobalt blue.


 When its on your head it truly feels like you have nothing on at all... my 50yr old dad made a comment that I looked like I had a bowling ball stuck to my head but then 2 days later he stole it from my collection of helmets (yes I have 9) and rode with his group "the dads of anarchy"  he strolled in the door with a post ride high 2 hours later and was ranting and raving -  saying "it leaves my giro atmos for dead and all the boys (50yr old dudes with hairy legs) loved it"-  big tick of approval from the gramps, now how will it go with the more opinionated younger crowd..... that I'll leave instragram to be the judge of.  I have seen a few pop up within my group rides and all the guys who own them have said "If Kittel is wearing one It's good enough for me" so I guess that is somewhat your answer!.

Out of 10 I give it a solid 7.5 as it really does the job, my only concern is the paint scheme on the white and blue needed to go all the way down as the foam makes it look a little funny but the fit and lightness with aero feel is truly as good as the more expensive helmets and will leave some chump change for your weekend beers. A company like Giant ain't going to let their reputation slide on an average helmet so you can rest assured that this little bowling ball might save your life one day. 

Perfect crit helmet, go and buy one as the helmet game needs to be as strong as your sock game these days!!! 




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