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Giant's 2016 TCR Lineup - The Bikes We've Been Waiting For

This year the Pedal Mafia race team has been lucky enough to try out Giant's 2016 range of bikes including the TCR Advanced Pro 0, and the TCR Advanced SL 1 - we've been blown away. Giant's 2016 refresh gives riders an excellent all-round race bike that's designed to be lighter than before and just as stiff.

One of the first things I noticed when riding the bike was how responsive it was on the road. Taking the bike on the usual PM Sunday river loop was a dream. The TCR soaked up all the bumps in the road and left me to do my work to keep the pedals turning.

Powerful and slim, these frames are extremely solid for such a thin profile bike. In 2016 Giant have shaved some centimeters off all of the tubes on the bikes which lead to a few extra grams missing, but it doesn't affect how strong and rigid these bikes are at all. Climbing up hills out of the saddle, throwing it around in a sprint, or bombing down a hill all feel natural on this bike.

Giant have been putting some great effort into their finishing kit in the recent years, and these bikes come with some killer parts out of the box. Having a bike come with carbon fiber wheels is a luxury we take for granted these days, but it makes all the difference. Giant's SLR-0 30mm rims are made for speed and climbing and just beg you to push them faster up hills, into corners, and descending afterwards.

The bikes are fitted with Dura-Ace Mechanical (Advanced Pro 0) and Ultegra Di2 (Advanced SL-1) components for the groupset giving you smooth and responsive shifting all the time.

Head down to your local giant dealer for more information



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