At Pedal Mafia we're a family, and we love our family members across the world who love us back - and there's no better way for us to show it by promoting you to a higher level of Mafioso.

The Rules

Keep your family close

Always help family members and aspiring members by doing the best you can to represent our brand.

Keep your enemies closer

Competition is healthy. Always respect other brands by making sure that Pedal Mafia representation is present whenever you can.

Work hard

Whether you're racing A grade or rolling to a cafe, show that you love our brand.

Look good

Kit is what we do, and you look great in it! Show the world how great you really do look in the kit we've sent you. 

What's in it for you?

Rule #1 applies to us too. So as a Pedal Mafia ambassador we'll keep you stocked with the goods:

  • A complete rider set including Bib, Jersey, and a choice of Jacket or Vest
  • 2 pairs of socks to style with your kit
  • Secret operations - updates on new season stock and limited edition release
  • A 15% discount code to use storewide
  • A 10% discount code to bring more members to the family. The more members you recruit - the better the deal is for you

What we need from you

We might need to do a few background checks, so send us your

  • Instagram profile link
  • Facebook profile link
  • Any photos of you in our kit
  • Reason why you want to be a PM Ambassador
  • Details of any group rides or shop rides you frequent that can build our brand


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