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Pedal Mafia is committed to the improvement and upholding of human rights across the globe. We endeavour to ensure that our supply chain is free of any modern slavery or human trafficking.

Established in 2014 Pedal Mafia Pty Ltd (Australia), is the parent company of Pedal Mafia inc (USA) and Pedal Mafia Limited (UK). Within this structure we use different suppliers to meet the different demands for different markets.

As we do not manufacture our own products, procurement of such goods and the
decisions we make regarding the selection of suppliers is very important. We make sure to complete extensive background checks on any supplier that we intend on using and request that they supply the appropriate documentation to ensure that their operations are modern slavery free.

Prior to using a supplier we issue a ‘Vendor Pack’ which, amongst other documents, includes a checklist with a declaration stating that they align with our values and stance on modern slavery and human trafficking. Furthermore, when permissible we conduct routine visits to our suppliers to ensure that our agreed upon procedures are being followed.

With the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the support that we give to our supply chain is very important to ensure a safe working environment for all employees of either Pedal Mafia or our suppliers. Within the aforementioned ‘Vendor Pack’ we require that our suppliers provide their COVID-19 safety plan for a safe working environment during the pandemic and their planning regarding a safe return to full operations post pandemic. Both Pedal Mafia and its suppliers follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation and the appropriate governments that apply to us and our subsidiaries or our supply chain members.

We encourage our suppliers to leverage our support and knowledge regarding an operation free of modern slavery and human trafficking, whilst maintaining a safe working environment so that to create a supply chain that is in full support of human rights.


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