Mens Core - Tourer Bib Navy


Usage: Touring » Distance: How longs a piece of string » Fabric: Tech 
Gripper: Tech (45mm) Brace: Ventilated

Colour: Orange » Density: 120kg/m³ » Layers: 4 » Foam: TRS
Fabric: Microfibre B-Elastic » Orange: Yes » Comfort+: Yes

The Pedal Mafia Core Tourer Bib is perfect for any cyclist looking to get out and explore. Whether its on or off the beaten trail our Tourer bibs will leave you hungry for the next adventure!

 Our bib features breathable and stretchable fabric panels which also act as spare pockets allowing you to fit all the long haul items like gels, food, cell phone(large size), lip balm etc.

The Pedal Mafia HD Ergonomic orange chamois feature innovative hi density open cell foam, allowing you to go long.