Vittoria Rubino Pro Black 700x25c

About Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro Folding Clincher Tyre

Vittoria's Graphene Rubino Pro is the all-round tyre you need for training and racing

The popular Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro is an all-round tyre that boasts a finely tuned balance of all the critical elements which make a good tyre. They are designed for intensive training but are equally suitable for use in racing or sportive events. The use of Graphene in the Rubino Pro aids its capabilities in all conditions thanks to a triple compound construction which ensures greater puncture/cut protection, grip and suppleness. It has an extra casing layer for flexible protection.


The construction of the Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro features:

* A wear resistant tread with low rolling resistance

* PRB 2.0 breaker for excellent flat protection

* Strong Nylon casing from 26 to 220 TPI

* Foldable

* Can be used with a butyl or latex inner tube

G+ Isotech Compound: G+Isotech is Vittoria’s unique Graphene compound with revolutionary G+, as provided by technology partner Directa Plus. No compromise is necessary with this compound that is superior in speed (rolling resistance), grip, durability and wear resistance.


650Cx23mm: 200g

700Cx23mm: 225g

700Cx25mm: 235g

700Cx28mm: 245g

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. In its extreme form it is as thin as a single atom (1/1,000,000,000th of a meter). Vittoria uses Directa Plus Graphene called G+, which is 2 to 8 atoms thin. With the application of Graphene in Vittoria wheels and tyres, Vittoria has developed revolutionary products and created a new product range called 'Intelligent Tire System' (ITS).

ITS compounds become harder and softer, depending on the needs of the rider. If the tyre is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider breaks, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften and offer significantly more grip.

Prior to the advanced development of Graphene, there was always the requirement of choosing between optimizing, or aiming at, speed, grip, durability and puncture protection. Effectively, the introduction of Graphene allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed, which means that there is no longer the need for such compromises between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance. All these features are now reaching their maximum possibilities.

The benefits of Graphene include:

* Enormous surface area: 1 gram = around 2,630 m2 that can facilitate any chemical process

* High mechanical resistance: approximately 200 times stronger than steel

* High thermal conductibility: more than 2 times that of a diamond

* Less density: is equal to half that of aluminium

* High elasticity: equal to 6 times that of steel

* High electrical conductibility, transparency, lightness, flexibility and mechanical resistance